The Ungovernable Force

  • MORTLP020
  • Release Date: December 1st 2017
  • £10.99

Repressed. The third Conflict album from August 1986 gets re-released and re-stored. This is considered by all involved to be Conflict's coming of age. 'The Ungovernable Force', a self-descriptive slogan Conflict has repeated on subsequent releases, uses news reports, riot noises and spoken-word ingredients (as well as a musical quote from 'Anarchy in the UK') in its relentless attack on Thatcher's England and its equally stubborn support of the animal liberation front. It's the essential Conflict album and is full of full and blistering anarcho punk. This reissue adds the two tracks from 'The Battle Continues' 7" plus four alternative mixes as bonus. On Mortarhate / Cherry Red Records.