Desperate Journalist

You Get Used To It

  • ning376cd
  • Release Date: June 1st 2018
  • £8.99

A fulsome year on from the timely alt.pop meltdown of Resolution and the appearance of second album Grow Up the crunchy quartet – comprised of Jo Bevan (vox), Rob Hardy (guitar), Simon Drowner (bass) and Caz Hellbent (drums) – release a brand new EP called You Get Used To It. Culled from the Grow Up album sessions which took place at Dean Street studios in Soho Village in the comfy company of Keith Top Of The Pops, the You Get Used To It EP extends to both ends of the Desp J spectrum, with the brazenly nifty Nothing Happens and About You powered along by clanging guitar and crashing drums, while The Bomb and Incandescent are sultrier and expansive, both breaking the five minute barrier. The It Gets Better single meanwhile is Smiths-esque salty shakiness to the max, all savage 12 string Rickenbackering and lovely gothic bass haranguing and all wrapped up in 2 manic minutes and 49 frazzled seconds.