Easy Kill


  • nong118cd
  • Release Date: October 20th 2017
  • £10.99

With its spectral, synthetic layers and perplexed vocals Melanscholar is an unfathomably Lovely record; modern and maudlin, like a woeful Foals blended with sad-faced post-Alt-J japery. But this is an album which is also aware of the ghosts of the past, infused at is with the spirit of Talk Talk while at one point in The Lake they sound like an ethereal 10CC. They’re not in love. So don’t forget it. Or, in their own words...Easy Kill come from Manchester, England. They consist of Theo Tobias, Ronan Clowes, Alex Howes, Andrew Keaveney and Thomas Short. Melanscholar is their debut album on fierce panda and it follows on the hazy heels of lead-off track Phantom Pain, the summertime single which set out the quintet’s quixotic agenda.