Electronic Sound

Issue 46 with Robert Rental / Thomas Leer 7"

  • Release Date: October 19th 2018
  • £10.99

Limited version with 7". It features an unreleased track from Robert Rental’s recently unearthed batch of home recordings, plus a track taken from his friend and DIY recording exponent Thomas Leer’s most recent album Reaching Never Quite. Electronic Sound 46 is the DIY revolution issue. Pinpointing the precise moment when recording music headed into the bedroom (clue: it was the appearance of the portastudio in the late 1970s), Electronic Sound talk pioneering spirit with the trailblazing Thomas Leer. Join us as he recalls his adventures in home recording alongside his old pal Robert Rental, and learn how the ability to release music into the wild suddenly ended up in the hands of everyone. Electronic Sound talk to the master of horror, Mr John Carpenter about his updated soundtrack to the new ‘Halloween’ film, Gazelle Twin talks Brexit, Olafur Arnalds shows us his self-playing pianos (no, that’s not a euphemism), the bloody amazing John Grant pops up to tell us about his bloody amazing new album.