Bristol | Moaning

Presented by Gravy Train

Friday, 15th June 2018

Rough Trade Bristol

Doors 7:30pm
Tickets available

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Gravy Train presents

Moaning - Live
Rough Trade Bristol
Doors : 7.30

£8 + BF // From BTS, See, Dice and Headfirst

The abrasive, post punk trio comprised of Sean Solomon, Pascal Stevenson, and Andrew MacKelvie, began nearly a decade after the three met in L.A.’s DIY music scene. Their impassioned debut album comes born out of the member’s experiences with love and distress, creating a sound uniquely dark and sincere. Although the band is just breaking out of their infancy, Moaning’s sleek and cavernous tone emphasizes the turmoil of the era they were born into. One where the endless possibility for art and creation is met with the fear and doubt of an uncertain future.


Psychedelia / No-Wave / Shoegaze / Post Punk / Harsh Noise / Dream-Pop / Grunge + More

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