Football FC // Keg // Birdman Cult

Donut Records present

Saturday, 9th November 2019

Rough Trade Bristol

Doors 7:30pm
Tickets available

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Football fc

Donut Records are proud to present Football FC, Keg and Birdman Cult live at Rough Trade Bristol. Bringing together Bristol and Brightons finest Garage rock and post punk under one roof!

Football FC
This band came out the gates kicking and screaming!
Football Football Club's live show is a chaotic and immersive experience. This band has a huge sound and definitely the new wave of a punked up attitude coming out of Bristols doldrums. We cant wait to see what comes of the cities new hot prospect.

Making Music For Rats To Court To, Brightons Finest Purveyors Of Bone Shaking Rock And Roll, we last saw this band in a dungeon in Brighton where they blew the eyebrows off our faces with there infectious sticky floor fillers!

Birdman Cult
New Bristol post-punk, garage rock cultists playing big riff anthems to shake your bits to! described as Lout Rock and Indie doom, The band are building up to a debut release in winter and are gathering a rep on the mean streets of Bristol for their energetic live shows.

Live DJ set:
The Wax Hogs aka DJ FIDDLESTIX and Dominic Knight will be dusting off their crates to bring you the best music in Rough Trade on the 9th. Expect to hear anything from the likes of Diana Ross, the B52S, Frankie Knuckles, The Cramps to Rick James and KRS 1.