Rough Trade Recommends | Sweaty Palms + Haze + Locks

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Wednesday, 27th June 2018

Rough Trade East

Doors 6:30pm
On-stage 7:30pm
Tickets available

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Rt recommends june 2018

Rough Trade are proud to present the next episode in a monthly series of three-band live showcases, highlighting some of our favourite emerging artists.

June 2018 Rough Trade Recommends welcomes Sweaty Palms, Haze and Locks, live in-store at Rough Trade East.

£5 Tickets available from DICE, with releases from all three bands available to buy and get signed on the night.
6.30pm | Doors open
7.30pm | Locks
8.15pm | Haze
9.00pm | Sweaty Palms

9.00pm | Sweaty Palms


"Sweaty Palms land somewhere between the playful and the political. Taking these very real, very dangerous subjects and rooting them in under three-minutes of scuzzy, filthy rock’n’roll."


What causes sweaty palms? Anger... Nervous energy... Excitement?

The answer is all three, which is what makes Sweaty Palms such a great name for the Glasgow band who have just cut their first album Quit Now. A fast-paced thirty-five minutes; it’s as idiosyncratic, iconoclastic and industrious as the city that birthed them.

These songs are suffused with the band’s worldview - which has little time for the arrogant mask of contemporary culture. “The anger comes from the rampant atmosphere of misogyny in our society...apathy, prejudice and discrimination in all its forms,” and as it becomes near impossible to avoid the fact that things are falling apart, in a world where the poor are being picked on and the masses marginalised, “To make music that doesn’t address this in some way would feel dishonest and pointless.”

Dotted around different corners of Glasgow – Ronan Fay (guitar), Robbie Houston (vocals & guitar), Shaun 'Monty' Montgomery (bass) and Tom Ross (drums) met “ a support group for the rehabilitation of cult survivors. We found that making music helped shatter the illusions that years of brainwashing had ingrained in our psyches,” and made their name around the city with their chaotic live shows which have been known to collapse after 10 minutes – a testament to their spirit.

“It doesn’t scream for your attention in the way most modern records do,” they explain. “Inversely if that makes you completely ignore it, that’s fine too. We weren’t talking to you anyway.”

Hot off the heels of a BBC 6music live session and the release of lead singles ‘Captain Of The Rugby Team’ and ‘Transit Paul’, Sweaty Palms debut long player ‘QUIT NOW’ will be available everywhere on June 8th via Nice Swan Records

8.15pm | Haze

Haze   rt sq image

Haze are a "wayward post-punk bag of odds, ends and angles” who’ve recently taken to sweat-drenched stages across the UK with friends and contemporaries, including Shame, LICE, Hotel Lux, The Garden and Phobophobes.

“Hometown headline sell-outs have proved the last five years worth the slog”

(So Young Magazine)

“if Oxford gig crowds have a reputation for being reserved, no one told Haze’s fans.”

(Nightshift Magazine)

7.30pm | Locks

Locks 001

They have been called smoky, cinematic, and ghostly. DJ Steve Lamacq calls them simply "mesmerising". They’re a four-piece based in North London combined of Mike Byrne (double bass), Andrew Marvell (drums) and Marian McClenaghan (fiddle) and L. Geary-Griffin (vocals & guitar). Together they are LOCKS and 'Skeletal blues' is the name they give their sound and their debut album.

After playing with a variety of different bands including rockabilly, traditional Irish, indie and nu-folk, these misfits found themselves in a rehearsal room together writing parts for murder ballads involving burying bodies, serial killers, lynch mobs, horror stories that see gin drinkers rubbing shoulders with the damned and voodoo witches. A hint of the macabre joins the sheer enjoyment of words, meanings and sound. Darker undercurrents combine with fables, folktales, urban myths and a wonderful playfulness. Here are stories of gin drinkers dancing with the damned, bodies buried in the backyard and secrets whispered into the night.

One writer puts it rather well: “[LOCKS] masterfully weave eerie alt-folk with suspenseful blues rock, which they call skeletal blues”.

Their debut EP Rattle Them Bones (featuring Wishbone & The Gin Song) was championed by Steve Lamacq and also received positive responses from Tom Robinson & Gary Crowley and lead to them being chosen to open the BBC Introducing stage at The Great Escape 2017.

The Gin Song was also one of Steve Lamacq’s ‘Best of the year so far (2017) LOCKS recently released their debut album - Skeletal Blues in Spring of 2018 and it has received excellent reviews. Skin the first single gained more support from BBC6 Music’s Steve Lamaqc, Shaun Keaveny, Chris Hawkins and local radio including The Irish Jam and Wandsworth Radio. Skin became one of Lamacqs Livener tracks and was added to the BBC 6 playlist. The second single Bodies is accompanied by a short film written and produced by Abigail Hardingham (BIFA Most Promising Newcomer 2015, Nina Forever) and directed by Steve Brett (most promising film-maker at Triforce film festival 2017), also staring Abigail Hardingham and Steve Brett. This also gained much support from BBC6 and local radio.

‘Archaic rumbling folk-blues’

**** Rolling Stone

“Simply mesmerising”


“Nick Cave meets Tom Waits in a smoky after-hours whiskey bar”


“Akin to the cinematic ghostliness of Nick Cave and Kate Bush…[LOCKS] masterfully weave eerie alt-folk with suspenseful blues rock, which they call skeletal blues”


Sweaty Palms | 'Quit Now | Nice Swan records | 8 June

Haze | 'Ladz, Ladz, Ladz' 7" & CD | Out Now

Locks | 'Skeletal Blues' | Zen Ten Records | Out Now