Melodica Acoustic Festival 2018

Day 1

Saturday, 11th August 2018

Rough Trade Nottingham

Doors 1:00pm
Free entry

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Melodica is a two-day international acoustic music festival held at Rough Trade on Saturday the 11th of August and at Jam Café on Sunday the 12th of August, featuring 20+ artists, DJs and collaborators from around the world.

Saturday 11th August 2018 at Rough Trade Nottingham. Entry is free, with donations encouraged on the door.

Melodica festival brings together songwriters and musicians from around the world and gives them the opportunity to experience playing in different countries, meet local artists, swap ideas and form musical collaborations. Audiences are treated to rare and intimate performances from artists they would normally never get the chance to see and local artists then get the opportunity to play at the other Melodica festivals.

Formed by Australian singer songwriter Pete Uhlenbruch, the first Melodica festival took place in Melbourne back in 2007 and there are now regular Melodicas in Reykjavik, Vienna, Berlin, New York, Hamburg, Paris, Aurhus, Groeningen, Oslo, Cologne and now for our 3rd year running in Nottingham.

Melodica festival leftlion ad 2018

The festival has always had a grassroots and DIY vibe and usually takes place in one or two venues in a city centre rather than in a field somewhere and this enables the festivals to run throughout the year. Melodica has an ‘entry by donation’ policy that essentially means audiences pay what they like to get in and this really makes the festival special because it makes the whole thing accessible to everyone regardless of their budget.

Although billed as an acoustic festival, this has never been a hard and fast rule. The majority of artists or purely acoustic singer songwriters but some use loop pedals and laptops as well and there has been a number of electro bands who have performed stripped down semi-acoustic sets.

As a DIY festival, Melodica invariably runs on a tiny budget and all profits go towards international artists’ travel costs. The festival has often been described as ‘couch surfing with a stage’ because all the international artists end up staying at people’s houses and so get to make new friends and experience the local scene rather than being stuck in a hotel somewhere.

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2018 artist line up.

Elíza Newman (Iceland)

Mathilde Vrech (France)

Past Perfect (Denmark)

Svavar Knútur (Iceland)

Mantra (Iceland/US)

I’m Kingfisher (Sweden)

Bernhard Eder (Austria)

Eggert Einer (Iceland)

Lori Kelley (US)

One Bad Day (Iceland)

94 Gunships (UK)

Keto (UK)

Koi Callisto (UK)

Emily Franklin (UK)

Jimi and the Strangers (UK)