Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac (1968)

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  • Release Date: October 29th 2012
  • £5.99

fleetwood mac's debut lp was a highlight of the late-'60s british blues boom. peter green's always inspired playing, the capable (if erratic) songwriting, and the general panache of the band as a whole placed them leagues above the overcrowded field. elmore james is a big influence on this set, particularly on the tunes fronted by jeremy spencer ('shake your moneymaker,' 'got to move'). spencer's bluster, however, was outshone by the budding singing and songwriting skills of green. the guitarist balanced humour and vulnerability on cuts like 'looking for somebody' and 'long grey mare,' and with 'i loved another woman,' he offered a glimpse of the latin-blues fusion that he would perfect with 'black magic woman.' the album was an unexpected smash in the u.k., reaching number four on the british charts. the album was reissued in 2004 with seven bonus tracks including alternate takes of songs from the record and two additional songs 'you're so evil' and 'i'm coming home to stay.'