Frank Butters Presents Cult Of Glamour

Make It Right (Andrew Weatherall And Ess O Ess Remixes)

  • mmm005
  • Release Date: May 19th 2017
  • £7.99

Is​ Frank Butters​ a new artist risen out of nowhere via incendiary releases on his own Too Many Squares label, or is he perhaps an established artist taking a new direction? The only concession to this question is that he’s someone ​Man Power​ has known a long time, and one of his favourite new artists. Frank's ​Cult Of Glamour​ focuses his early 80s proto-house aesthetic, with two machine driven cuts at differing tempos for opposing late night moods. For remix duties, Me Me Me asked all time hero ​Andrew Weatherall​ to deliver his own version, and deliver he does with a swamp rock lead bellied organic take of ​Make It Right​ (as well as a digital only instrumental version). To close off the package Man Power has enlisted Not An Animal Record’s mainstay ​Ess