Gruff Rhys


  • rtradlp371
  • Release Date: December 25th 2015
  • £19.99

Out for the first time ever on vinyl in the UK, Rough Trade is extremely proud to offer Gruff Rhys' astonishing second solo album. The Double Vinyl comes with 3 sides of Audio with the 4th side Etched as well as a 12" pop out Candylion Figure. 'Candylion' is the second album from shaggy haired psychedelic warrior Gruff Rhys which features guest vocals from Lisa Jen from Welsh medievalists 9 Bach. Without his bandmates, the sound is more stripped-back, but what remains are beautiful melodies and the curiously affecting voice of a man who should by now be considered a national treasure. It pinballs between the childlike pop of the title track, the archaeologist fantasy of 'The Court of King Arthur' and the closing 14 minute '60s pop epic 'Skylon'.