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  • Release Date: September 28th 2018
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Effortless and assured, the Scandi quartet drift eloquently into well-structured and stunning melodies.

Resolute in their sound, Siesta is the perfect soundtrack for that summer romance and the inevitable break up. Heartbreak has never sounded so sweet!. Produced by Joakim Lindberg (Yast and Hey Elbow) at Studio Sickan within old railway sheds outside of Malmö Sweden. Hater tackle their personal experiences of life, love and relationships yet through their shared songwriting there's a togetherness. Synth pop earworm It’s So Easy contrasts the slower paced I Wish I Gave You More Time Because I Love You that blends beautiful sweeping sax from Inge Petersson Lindback. Hater boast Marr-esque guitars and vocals reminiscent of fellow Swedes and The Concretes whilst having the pop sensibilities of The Chills, Alvvays, Snail Mail and Makthaverskan.

5 Minutes with Hater

Could you tell us a little about how the band came together?

We formed two and a half years ago, we knew each other from playing in a different band before. When that band broke up we had a rehearsal space and we wanted to play pop + it turned out Caroline is a great singer - it kind of clicked from day one with that set up.

And you're all from Malmö - what's the music scene like there and has it helped shaped your sound?

Caroline Adam and me (Lukas) are from Lund but we’ve been living I Malmö for a couple of years now, Måns is from Malmö. The vibe in Malmö is very nice and easy going, it’s encouraging to start playing music here.

Hater photo2 credit kamila schneltser
Hater (1) - Kamila Schneltser

Could you tell us a little bit about writing the album and who your influences were?

We wrote this album over a longer period of time than with You Tried, everyone came with song ideas and we let the ideas evolve together. We all have different influences and we’re very open to that and everyone’s different ideas.

How are you enjoying your tour of Europe? Is there anywhere you've particularly loved/are really looking forward to playing in?

We’re starting the tour this Tuesday (23th of October). We love touring even though this is only our second headline tour. There’s a lot of great memories from different places, every stop has it’s charm and vibe. My parents are flying to Paris to watch us play, that’s going to be fun.

Hater photo7 credit kamila schneltser
Hater (2) - Kamila Schneltser

What can we expect next from the band?

We’re playing live quite a bit but after that I think we’re all very keen to write new songs! Maybe a quick single, an EP or even an album.

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