Invitation To Her's

  • heist125cd
  • Digipak with A3 Poster Insert.
  • Release Date: August 24th 2018
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This was a Liverpudlian meet up between Norwegian Audun Laading and Barrower Stephen Fitzpatrick. This is their debut album (the one before this was a comp so doesn’t count!)


Old fashioned Bontempi organ style Latin rippling chords and samba boogie rhythms drive an organ fuelled album of jangle-pop songs with cooing sweet vocals duetting with lo-fi croonings. Something of the ‘40s showtunes but with a spooky modern twist of art-rock. A touch of jazz and smokey vocals mould a unique and entertaining album.


Ariel Pink, Mac DeMarco, Echo & The BunnyMen, The Cure, something on El Records, Monochrome Set

LP - Comes with A3 Poster.

CD - Digipak with A3 Poster Insert.

Featured in: Albums of the Month - September 2018