Ffwd Burnout (Surgeon Remix)

  • rptch08
  • Release Date: March 23rd 2018
  • £7.99

Repitch Recordings’ new release is one of a kind. Attesting to the greatness of Belgian industrial techno pioneer Hypnoskull’s album “ffwd>burnout”, the label has compiled a fresh selection from the 1999 milestone and now pressed it for the first time on vinyl. The aim is to introduce its grinding breakbeats, its blasting hyperbolic groove, and ferocious disturbance to a new generation, championing an undying enthusiasm for heavy and deconstructed club sounds. Moreover, the EP comes with an exclusive remix by Birmingham Master Surgeon, whose own militancy in hard-edged techno has contributed to his legendary status, reuniting a different yet somewhat similar vision of dancefloor experimentation. It also includes an updated version of Hypnoskull’s manifesto, renewing his methods of cultural resistance.