Ike Turner

Trailblazin' The Blues 1951 - 1957

  • JASMCD3130
  • Release Date: October 12th 2018
  • £10.99

As a talent scout and as what would later be commonly referred to as a record producer there is no ques on that Ike Turner was an iconic presence in the early development of R&B in the 1950s. He was in his very early twen es during the me he wrote produced and played guitar on most of the 60 tracks on this 2CD set. He was also working as a bandleader and most of these performances are led by members of his band or in the case of The Kings Of Rhythm the band itself. This excellent double set opens with the hit “Rocket “88”” and right up to the closing instrumental “Trail Blazer” you are treated to nothing but storming R&B and blues.