Stereometric Games EP

  • dlmo019
  • Release Date: July 13th 2018
  • £8.99

Almost a definition of INIT’s acid mind. Failing their own tricks, heavy atmosphere and unusual restraint. Nuts is almost an instrumental extension of the title track, when your head finally hit that window pane. Wheels slows the rush down, wandering on an imaginary Khyber pass. This is only deception though, Mindwork being a real exercise in post-goa trance. Benedikt Frey has been part of the extended family since his remix of CAR’s Idle Eyes and we crossed paths a few times at Robert Johnson in Frankfurt. INIT, his project with his other half Nadia d’Alò, has seen releases on neighbours such as Hivern or Correspondant, our door was naturally open to their pretty personal brand of “off-kilter techno” as RA says.