Jack Jacobs

I Believe It’s Alright

  • MEL14
  • Limited 7" with Melozine.
  • Release Date: February 7th 2019
  • £12.99

With Mel014, Melodies International is extremely proud to bring you one more You’re a Melody classic and one of the most beautiful soul records they’ll have reissued as of yet: Jack Jacobs – I Believe It’s Alright.

Jack Jacobs grew up in Philadelphia and started out his singing career with an acapella doo-wop singing group before becoming lead singer in some Philly R&B bands. After a while he decided to take up the keyboard so he got a full sized Hammond B-3 organ, which he used to lug back and forth to gigs from his 3rd floor apartment. Jack is remembered by friends and family as an incredibly talented musician and one of the most soulful vocalists they’ve ever known.

After Jack moved to Atlantic City in the 1970s, he wrote and recorded I Believe It’s Alright, initially released on Libra, a small local New Jersey music label. The record barely got any exposure at the time despite how good it was. It channels honest, raw soul energy in its purest form - a truly uplifting song!

Fully licensed and remastered, Mel014 is presented in its original promo 7” vinyl format with the extended version on the flip – accompanied by the latest issue of the Melodies Melozine!

Featured in: Indie Exclusive