Kashena Sampson

Wild Heart

  • kashena001cd
  • Release Date: April 20th 2018
  • £10.99

A timeless enchantress, Sampson combines a 70s folk-rock aesthetic and sound, which draws on California country and classic Laurel Canyon, quickly garnered flattering comparisons to giants such as Linda Ronstadt and Bonnie Raitt as well as cult heroes such as Barbara Keith and Jim Croce. An East Nashville salute to the glory days of California country-rock, shot through with Seventies swoon and swagger. Bobbie Gentry's string arrangements with Stevie Nicks' vibrato. Sampson is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve and her unique and interesting life shines through her beautifully crafted songwriting and a voice that could shake the walls of an opera house. Her ability to embrace her own vulnerability and perseverance is more than apparent on her recent UK single ‘Long Way Back’, drawing on life experiences including finding sobriety after a number of troubled years in LA, and her years balancing a demanding cruise ship singing career with dreams of becoming a professional singer-songwriter.

Before heading to Nashville, Sampson logged three years aboard a luxury cruise ship, singing her way through nightly sets of Sixties and Seventies folk covers. "You're pulled out of real life," she says of the gig, which took her across much of the globe. "I got home and I didn't know any new music or movies." That out-of-time feeling fills her debut album Wild Heart - recorded at Bomb Shelter in East Nashville with several members of Steelism - with vintage strings, B3 organ, Telecaster twang pulling together on big-voiced ballads worthy of Linda Ronstadt. Sampson recorded the album in two days, carving out a sound that smooths and softens the neon-bright polish of Top 40 country to a warm, analog glow.