Liboso EP

  • TRANS403CD
  • Release Date: January 18th 2019
  • £7.99

KOKOKO! are a group formed in Kinshasa, DRC - comprising local musicians, artists, dancers and inventors alongside producer Débruit. This band is pure electricity and a big tip for 2019. Blvd Lumumba, named after the road which leads you into Kinshasa, has a delicate wistful feel, set by a giant cross-shaped sculptural ‘Jesus Crisis’ harp - and when played over an 808 kick, sounds akin to homemade early house. Affaire A Mbongo - Money Problems - has an early 80s No Wave vibe that would have surely rattled the concrete at Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage... had it not been recorded in 2018. Longola Ye Kupe is a hypnotic number, meanwhile, highlighting Makara Bianko's impassioned and idiosyncratic vocal, over instrument-maker Dido’s rhythmic guitar and a steady, pulsing bassline, sounding like it’s coming from a 'Detroit Congolese' neighbourhood.

12" - Limited White Label - 200 Copies Only.