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20 years doing ANYTHING in music seems faintly absurd, let alone running a record label, something my previous 20 years making music mostly with my band Cocteau Twins certainly did not prepare me for. What I do know is that i have always wanted to run this label from the perspective of an artist and was always advised that this wasn't possible to make work over a long and sustained period. So, even if this all goes pear shaped tomorrow, I think we have done a great job to still be in business after 20 of the most tumultuous years in the music industry's history, and this I am sure is in great part down to the team I've been lucky enough to work with at the label throughout these dark times. Simon Raymonde - Bella Union.

We are lucky enough to have two limited and exclusive coloured vinyl pressings of the long out of print Jonathan Wilson albums Gentle Spirit and Fanfare. If you purchase any of the Bella Union titles you'll also get a free sampler CD and booklet, once again exclusive to Rough Trade.

Jonathan wilson
Bella booklet
Bonus Cd & booklet free with any Bella Union purchase


Stan, who happens to be to Simon Raymonde's son and a Rough Trade Employee (nepotism, us?...) interviews his dad about 20 years of Bella Union.

Simon and Stan - Photo by Liv Siddall