Liam Van Ryn


  • fe01
  • Release Date: August 24th 2018
  • £8.99

Support: Lanark Artefax, Nathan Fake, Tessela etc. Defined as making discoveries or happy accidents - is the debut EP by Liam van Ryn. It’s a fitting description for the richly textured and cinematic four track collection that was the result of intensive and prolonged sessions “goofing around” on analogue gear. Strictly limited 12” pressing - this is a hell of a debut - one to watch for the future! “The title track is the most immediately wonderful cut here, with choked arpeggios, clouds of caustic static and found scrapes as percussion.” Based in Hull, van Ryn makes richly textured and layered, cinematic music that is both experimental and (mostly) electronic. “I was interested in the way I could make the music sound slightly unnatural, or like it couldn’t be played by a real musician, even though that was often the starting point,” he explains. An alumnus of Gilles Peterson’s Future Bubblers project (a grassroots talent discovery and development programme), he was commissioned in 2017 by Hull City of Culture to write and perform a tribute to the pioneering work of local hero Basil Kirchin - an outsider musician, free-thinker and pioneer of sound manipulation.