Local Natives

Gorilla Manor

  • Release Date: January 4th 2019
  • £12.99

'gorilla manor' is the debut album from the local natives who were the buzz band of this year's sxsw. the los angeles quintet makes music that crackles with frenetic beats, agile melodies and cascading harmonies, tightly assembled in songs that undulate, in varying degrees of exuberance and wonderment. their harmonic style is indicative of the influence of hazy socal beach bums and zombified brit pop, while their percussion philosophy derives from a unifying connection between the five-piece developed over hours spent living together in their own guerilla hideaway in silverlake, california. this album has the warmth and instant attraction of hearing the fleet foxes, mid peroid talking heads or band of horses for the first time. it was love at first listen at rough trade shops.