Louis Michot and the Special Men


  • SMI003
  • Release Date: December 14th 2018
  • £8.99

For the third single in their series Louis Michot (Lost Bayou Ramblers) is backed by Special Men Industries house band The Special Men on a cajun waltz version of the King James & The Special Men song “Baby Girl”. About the single King James says: “I find the Cajun waltz to be entirely enchanting, and always feel a certain yearning whenever I hear one…so asking Louis Michot to translate one of my little songs into Cajun French so he could then sing and play it on record with me was a dream come true. Convincing him to play the old time squeezebox, that was the lagniappe!” The song was written by Horn in English, and released on Act Like You Know, but he felt Louis could do it justice in cajun. “I sent the lyrics to him and a couple days he later he called me back, he had it all done. He and his wife said it was as if the song had been written for creole.” There’s a wheezy accordion and skittering washboard on Michot’s version. Besides being a song, though, it speaks volumes about the music of New Orleans. Back and forth over centuries music from far away has found a home in New Orleans. Acadian, Carribean, African, South American, French, English are all merged here.

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