Lubomyr Melnyk

Fallen Trees

  • ERATP116CD
  • Digipack.
  • Release Date: December 7th 2018
  • £9.99

Rough Trade Albums of the Month - January 2019

A piano roll of emotions and moods builds a world of music.

The Ukrainian-born prophet of the piano, Lubomyr’s latest album release coincides with his 70th birthday. It’s inspired by a long journey through a dark forest in Europe. Guests contributors include Japanese vocalist Hatis Noit and cellist Anne Muller. Robert Raths (Erased Tapes founder) produces. Rolling piano, murmured vocals, incessant notes flow over rolling soundscapes of sound. Lavish swathes of piano build a grandiose key-scape, triumphant then melancholy then peaceful and soothingly uplifting.

LP - Black Vinyl With Download.

CD - Digipack.

Featured in: Albums of the Month - January 2019