Lyla Foy


  • umi001
  • Release Date: October 2nd 2015
  • £12.99

300 copies only Limited 7 Track vinyl (including bonus track 'Blue Door') with Download. Rough Trade exclusive. Lyla Foy releases new EP 'UMi', which follows her debut album 'Mirrors the Sky', released in March 2014 on Sub Pop. The EP's lead track 'Beginning It All Again' is a direct and emotive song, carried by a vocal that is both confessional and defiant. The EP spans between the spine-tingling atmosphere of 'Right To Be' and 'He Is Lost' to the rousing musical arrangements and expectant melodies of 'River, Glow In The Dark' and 'Tiger' to create a detailed insight into Lyla's new material. 'UM'i is an abbreviation of Ursa Minor, a constellation in the northern sky also known as Smaller She-Bear or Little Bear. The collection of songs reflects nighttime and is a direct contrast to Lyla's debut 'Mirrors The Sky', whose image is daytime and daylight. For fans of Kate Bush, Lykke Li and Bats for Lashes.

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