Mailorder Must-Haves

March 2018

Tucked away in the eaves of Rough Trade East are our much-loved Mailorder team, with their comprehensive knowledge of music and enviable record of gig/festival attendance. They took a moment away from their desks to pick out some their favourite releases of March, for your listening pleasure.

Mail order must haves march

Alex's Selections

A slight cheat as it originally came out in 2016 but has been reissued this month. Sounding not dissimilar to Lee Fields or Charles Bradley, Durand Jones comes out with an album of 8 soulful songs that will have you dancing (or at least swaying) uncontrollably. While a lot of new soul music hasn't really done it for me, Jones had me hooked from track one.

Honourable mention - Goat Girl - The Man. The best band in London at the moment are back with their final taster track before we're treated to their first album (out early April).

Jof's Selections

Taking the delicate Laurel Canyon country folk of the first album and adding sweeping Muscle Shoals orchestration and the alt-country swagger of Lucinda Williams' eighties albums, Courtney Marie Andrews turns up the heat on all the drippy Americana wheat bags out there. Available on gold vinyl while stocks last, so it's quite literally solid country gold.

Honourable mention - Martha Ffion - Sunday Best. A deliciously creamy slice of pop country pie.

Tom's Selections

Hailing from Glen Rock; New Jersey (and named after my girlfriends favourite Shakespeare play) Titus Andronicus return with their 5th album; A Productive Cough. Their last album of (a folk/rock opera in five parts) was almost unlistenable, but this album grabbed my attention straight away. I’m finding it difficult to accurately represent it in words but the best I can think of is it is like being at the best gig of your life but on a pirate ship. You will have to listen to it to get what that truly means.

Honourable mention - Penny Penny - Shaka Bandu (from our label focus: Awesome Tapes From Africa).