Marcel Dettmann


  • OTON114
  • Release Date: September 14th 2018
  • £19.99

The 2x12” sees the renowned selector and longtime Berghain resident in explorative form, combining compact experimental techno vignettes with writhing, dubby and distorted long- form dancefloor portals – as well as a stoned and unexpected turn into house territory. At 22 minutes over 6 tracks, Test-File is a series of sonic contrasts united by Dettmann’s uncanny intuition for patiently shifting, improvisational dance music. 3-minute opener Test-File bangs in with rapid fire kicks and tape-delayed electric zaps, reversing midway into a kind of electronic palindrome. The momentum is sustained on standout single Ascending, where an overdriven basswave surges through a tunnel of industrial noise. The EP then emerges into the arch, squishy house of Autumn77, filled with sirens, pads and sampled vox / laughter. The second vinyl returns initially to rhythmic experimentation with the 3-minute Torch lurching forward rattling and machine-like, interspersed by passages of groan and hiss. Error (1st Take) bubbles along dub-wise, tripping atmospherically though a haze of out-of-synch synth bursts. Closer Metalloid wraps it all up with a hypnotic, rubber band acid line and smudged 808s clavs.