• 12FCR-08
  • Black
  • Release Date: May 17th 2019
  • £10.99

Acclaimed electronic producer Matthew Hodson with his exciting new project, Matths, with Velocet released on Fat Cat Records’ sub label FCR. With his debut Matths release, the Brighton-based artist presents two stunning, atmospheric soundscapes Velocet and Loop which both immediately captivate the listener with their masterful, brooding beats. Using a bespoke modular synthesiser setup, Matths has designed and compiled a unique musical instrument that enables the creation of textures and tones specific to personal creative concepts.

Title track Velocet is a dynamically charged sonic excursion which keeps on building throughout to a powerful crescendo, providing a clever balance of familiarity and disconnection. Loop complements the title track perfectly, an ambient yet powerful cut that develops with layers of rhythm and melody, drenched in arrhythmic delays and swashes of reverb.