• momo50
  • Release Date: July 14th 2017
  • £6.99

Limited 7" on Moshi Moshi. Currently in the process of recording their third album, after their acclaimed 2015 debut Hi-Fi Classics (having opted out of recording a second record to avoid the dreaded ‘difficult second album’ syndrome), Brother is a continuation of the engrossing, yet unpredictable and hard-to-pin-down intelligence of the South London band’s output.

Meatraffle blast out a rallying cry to the proletariat to throw off the chains of mediocre, mass produced music and get down to their sweet and chaotic sonic waves. Land shanties of burning bankers, friendly local drug dealers, enduring friendship and the Russian Revolution: psychedelic, socialist, utopian, death ragga, erroneous funk, trapdoor jazz, bastard musik.

Featured in: Moshi Moshi Label Focus