The Saxophones

Aloha / Just You

Limited to 300 Copies.

Limited to 300 Copies. Aloha, is a lush and melancholy new single from husband and wife duo The Saxophones, that follows on from the sold out debut 7” EP If You’re On The Water released earlier this year. As with If You’re On The Water, Aloha was engineered and produced by Cameron Spies (Radiation City) over two summer weeks in Portland, Oregon and largely recorded on an Otari MX-70 one-inch tape machine. The song features Alexi Erenkov on guitar, vocals, saxophone, and Crumar synthesizer; his wife, Alison Alderdice, on percussion and vocals; and his long-time friend and collaborator, Richard Laws, on bass and vibraphone. Aloha is largely a reflection on the ebb and flow of personal growth, escapism, and the repair of a relationship. While the verses drift between intimate vignettes of progress, stagnation, and obstinacy, the chorus engulfs the listener in a state of self-conscious exotica, and ultimately reveals that on the quest for self-knowledge, the path has been lost. On the B-side is the band’s interpretation of one of the key pieces of music from the original Twin Peaks series, Just You. Written by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti.