Jim Copperthwaite

Ballroom Ghosts

  • vgcd019
  • £10.99

From storied composer Jim Copperthwaite comes the debut album Ballroom Ghosts. As a soundtrack artist in his own right, Jim’s tracks recall the work of Danny Elfman in their haunting, choral refrains. However, Jim has also always had an affinity for the avant-garde, and his music-box orchestrations are driven through with the repetitive, percussive iterations of a Steve Reich – calling to mind Jamie XX’s most recent collaborations with Wayne McGregor and the Royal Ballet. This debut album from Jim Copperthwaite stands out as his most intimate and personal work to date: a fantastical demonstration of a composer at the peak of his abilities. It is an invitation to a world that exists beneath the one we see. Close your eyes and come walk these halls, and experience the atmospheric beauty of Ballroom Ghosts.