Black Peaks

All That Divides

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  • £12.99
  • Baby Blue in Cyan Swirled Vinyl.
  • £17.99

Black Peaks have been taking both critics and fans by storm with their original blend of riff heavy, prog-infused alternative rock. All That Divides is a collection of songs that, as individual components, soar on the back of majestic highs and crashing nosedives, but which when considered as a whole, combine to create a deeply rich tapestry that rewards repeat listens with even greater revelations. It is a challenging album of ambition, grandeur and scope, released at a time when artists increasingly give little credence or thought to the album concept; yet further evidence of the aspirations of a band for whom the idea of sacrificing their creative vision is anathema.

LP - Baby Blue in Cyan Swirled Vinyl with Download