Black Sedan

Adventure Lit Their Star

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Black Sedan is a collective. Of one. And others. The collective is rallied by journalist / author / publisher Mark Hodkinson, whose company Pomona publishes works by Simon Armitage, Ian McMillan, Bill Nelson and many more. The opening number, lead single, and centrepiece track, Love On Love features lengthy samples from Charlie Chaplin's famous speech from "The Great Dictator" (with full backing of the Chaplin estate). ''I saw the film about 10 years ago and became obsessed with the power and prescience of the speech. Since then, I've tried numerous ways to make it work properly as a song". Singer on Love on Love and four more tracks is Kellie While, better known in folk circles for her work with Thea Gilmore, Richard Thompson, Fairport Convention, Martin Simpson and the out-there, Reel and Soul Association. The album, Adventure Lit Their Star, has been a long time in the making and is furiously varied with no less than five vocalists and upwards of 30 contributing musicians. In its down tempo, cut-up moments it evokes Boards of Canada, Bonobo, The Avalanches, and UNKLE. But when it's upfront and at-you, it's as simple and direct as power pop maestros Nada Surf, or Oh Sees. And, of course, there's always Hawkwind - Black Sedan cover Robert Calvert's The Right Stuff, and This Is Your Captain Speaking: Your Captain Is Alive is, near enough, a tribute to space rock's finest.