Richard Hawley

Coles Corner

  • cdstumm251
  • £5.99

'coles corner', richard hawley's first for mute and the follow up to previous albums on setanta, 'late night final' (2001) and 'lowedges' (2003), was recorded at yellowarch studio in sheffield, singer/songwriter hawley's hometown and is a beautiful album, filled with nostalgia, emotion and romance. the albums orchestral splendour sits alongside earthy rock and roll with songs that are by turns intimate and soaring. richard hawley insists his mind is full only with confused thoughts and guinness. but when he sings, he does so in a voice thats deep and low, and does not lie. his merciful, wise songs tell of the hearts truths as seen in the dark, revealed by moonlight. the title track, a string-led, alone-in-a-crowd song, sees hawley's narrator walk the city at night and name checks an old meeting place for sheffield, 'coles corner', on the site where john lewis now stands. he is the first briton in years to recognise the genius of the 50s production from sun studios without resorting to pastiche. cheap cd for the first month.