Oneida / Mugstar

Collisions 02

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The second in the Rocket Recordings odyssean Collisions series: the proceedings lift off with Oneida's moir patterned 'Shahin's Bong.' This pulsating kaleidoscopic maelstrom illuminates Oneida at their most free-est, from its beginning which implodes under its own stress, wherein drums scatter, amps buzz, strings are stressed, and modulators hum, the O's 'Interstellar Overdrive' in reverse, twists and turn, drops in drops out, gradually becoming coherent to the point of no return. m

Mugstar set chase with their own odyssean endeavor 'European Nihilism', the aurora borealis viewed from within. With the hum and drone of layered synths, drawing the listener in, these psychedelic warlords hit you hard with a supercolossal Hawkwind-esque rockout like a centrifugal force that twists and turns morphing on a continual humming of valves, into the artifice of repetitive noise until at saturation point the asymptotic curve annihilates you in the quest for the perfect ion.

Featured in: Label Focus - Rocket