Craig Bratley

The 99.9% EP (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Family favourite, Andrew Weatherall, takes the chugging tempo to new depths, remolding “99.9%” into a tense, reverb soaked, dubbed out sci-fi encounter. Further explorations into space disco are to be found on “Italo Love” with luscious waves of thick analogue sound and planetary FX, whilst on “Take Me To Bedford Or Lose Me Forever”, distinct Asian influences are at play, as Bratley channels his inner Vangelis for a mesmerizing and cinematic piece. With previous releases on Neil Diablo’s To Rack & Ruin, Tsuba, Is It Balearic? and Robsoul Recordings, Bratley’s Futureboogie debut opens with the searing synths and chugging arped bass of “99.9%”. Wide-eyed melodies and punchy drums demand a mirror ball moment to this fabulous cut.

  • Genre House
  • Released 21/09/18