The Slits


When they formed the band in London, the members of the Slits couldn't even tune their own instruments, but two years later, in 1979, they recorded this seriously strange and upbeat album, firmly planting a flag in the skull of punk for all of womankind. Under the producing wing of reggae giant Dennis Bovell, 'Cut' rocks, rips, roots under, and rides over ska and punk cliches with unfettered glee and heavy bass. the sexy yowling on 'Shoplifting' and 'So Tough' shows how vocalist ari up connects courtney love, kathleen hanna, bjork, and kim gordon on the female-singer family tree. tracks like 'typical girls' and 'ping pong affair' sprawl through complex sagas of drug addiction, sexual violence, forbidden love, and feminist declarations, all without losing either intellect or a goofy sense of humour. 'cut' obviously influenced everyone from 1980s new wavers like cyndi lauper, the b-52's, and the go-go's to alt-rockers like yeah yeah yeahs. it's a landmark record, heavy with historical value, but also light with extreme fun. (note: this reissue also includes two bonus tracks - a cover of 'i heard it through the grapevine' and an alternate version of 'love und romance,' entitled 'liebe and romanze.').

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