Daniel Avery

Projector EP

Taking its title from one of the album’s spectral highlights this additional trio of original productions expands on Avery’s regenerated sonic vision. Leaning further towards the rhythmic and propulsive intent behind his recent, marathon DJ sets, the record serves to delve further still into his unfolding, ever-deepening sound. Following the lead of ‘Projector’ itself, the record transitions into the first exclusive cut, ‘Shadow Mountain’. Soft in texture and bathed in ethereal feedback, a glitching, transfixing synth line gradually reveals itself as the spine of the piece. Throughout ‘Glass’, an intimate, breathy vocal sample contrasts with a more industrially tinged base of heavily processed drums. Influenced by Song for Alpha’s embrace of the small hours, “the light emerging from the darkness”, both tracks conjure an almost overwhelmingly tender atmosphere, rich in the hazy strains of rave history. On the more experimental REHBGBV4367, the seams of Avery’s influences lap against one another in a steady crescendo of beautiful yet beatless noise, dissipating into ambience. Expanding on the delicate core ideas at the centre of his creative ethos, the EP invites listeners on a further excursion of transient, psychedelic bliss.

  • Genre Techno
  • Released 18/05/18