David Myhr

Lucky Day

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Where do musical ideas come from? How do songwriters compose their melodies? Why is one idea more appealing than the other? Fundamentally, what makes a great song? These were among the issues examined by Swedish singer / songwriter David Myhr over the last four years. The answers are explored in both an academic research project and Myhr’s second solo album Lucky Day. First entering the public eye as frontman of The Merrymakers - a melody-packed, harmony-laden combo known for continuing Sweden’s heritage as the mecca of melody in the 90’s - The Merrymakers sold over 100,000 albums in Japan alone. Myhr has further earned his proverbial stripes writing for international artists, including Puffy Amiyumi and Yuko Yamaguchi, in addition to feature films and advertising. An ambitious follow-up to Myhr’s debut solo effort Soundshine, his first full-length release in six years is not just an album with 10 new songs but a portfolio that was assembled as part of Myhr’s doctorate, funded by his “day gig” in Swedish academia. Joked Myhr: “What better excuse to make a record than to get a PhD?”