Doug Paisley

Starter Home

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  • Housed in 4 Panel Gatefold Cardboard Jacket and comes with additional exclusive 7".
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Rough Trade's Albums of the Month - November

Doug recorded this (his first album in five years) in his Toronto hometown in various studios around the city.

He’s previously played as ‘Dark Hand And Lamplight’ (with artist Shary Boyle), as a duo called Russian Literature (with Chuck Erlichman) and in a Stanley Brothers tribute act. The lonesome cry of a lap steel guitar is comforted by the soothing warm vocals of Doug Paisley. The occasional ripple of lachrymose keys. Subtle licks of harmony. Music that’s melancholic but cathartic and soothing. A few more uptempo tracks come along but still have the minor cry of guitars and sweet backing vocals.

He spent the previous few years writing, and Starter Home showcases an already brilliant songwriter getting even better. The songs are rooted in the sound of folk and country, but the themes are universal and expansive, not belonging to any genre. The recording itself is quiet, often only minimally adorned, showcasing Doug Paisley's incredible voice and guitar playing.

LP - Black Vinyl.

LP+ - Black Vinyl that includes bonus 7" with Two Exclusive Tracks. Rough Trade are the only shop in the UK to have this.

CD - Housed in 4 Panel Gatefold Cardboard Jacket.

Featured in: Albums of the Month - November 2018