Autonomy EP

  • 4050538426892
  • Limited Autonomy Robot-Coloured ® Vinyl.
  • £9.99

Drenge are very proud to unveil their first foray into the Extended Player format. Recorded at McCall Sound on Sheffield’s own Sunset Strip with Ross Orton. The band say that "Autonomy showcases some of our recent work, by way of verses, choruses, middle eights and all that other stuff you learn at BRIT school." and that "the Robot-Coloured® vinyl is about the size and shape of a supermarket pizza." On the cover you can see their temporary mascot, DR3-NG3, a "scientific research robot nearing the end of his functional capabilities and pursuing a quest for validation." Made in Sheffield.


1. Before The War Begins

2. Outside


3. Fades To Black

4. Autonomy