Du Blonde

Lung Bread For Daddy

  • Digipack.
  • £9.99
  • Black Vinyl
  • £17.99
  • Sunflower Yellow
  • £17.99

Rough Trade Albums of the Month - March 2019

Du Blonde will be live in-store at Rough Trade Bristol and Rough Trade East to perform tracks from her new album 'Lung Bread For Daddy'.

This is powerful, noisy pop with gnarly bass, oaken woody vocals (with plenty of rich harmonies) flowing like dark caramel-flavoured chocolate.

From Newcastle Upon Tyne (from her boots to the tips of her hair) Beth Jeans Houghton’s new album (her third) is her very own baby. She oversees all the playing on the album, the production and even the album artwork and the spin-off videos.

Treacly vocals from Beth ooze over dirty tremolo-ed guitar. Easy strolling drums back smoke-stained drums mixing up a stew that sounds like a world-worn blues singer discovering a big barrel of POP! Guitars are at the fore rocking out like scuzzy kings of the universe.

LP - Black Vinyl.

LP+ - Limited Sunflower Yellow Vinyl.

CD - Digipack.

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