Electric Indigo


  • ICM-09
  • £10.99

5 1 1 5 9 3 is the debut album from Electric Indigo, AKA Susanne Kirchmayr, who has a career in techno that goes all the way back to the late '80s in Vienna. It's also the first release on Robert Henke's Imbalance Computer Music label by someone other than Henke himself. The album features nine new tracks as well as a fresh version of "Sept" from Kirchmayr's 2016 EP, Seven. "Trois" features more than twenty vocalists—including Jennifer Cardini and Etapp Kyle—while Sadie Plant guests on "Perpetuate." Kirchmayr started putting out music as Electric Indigo in 1993, but she might best be known for founding female:pressure, a pioneering force for women and nonbinary people in electronic music, in 1998.

  • Genre Techno
  • Released 16/03/18