Espiral De Ilusão

  • STERNS2028
  • 180 gm black vinyl.
  • £14.99

For this European version both formats have 2 additional (previously unreleased) tracks that are not on the Brazilian version.

Great new album from Brazilian hiphop / rapper Criolo: he has been telling the stories of the favelas not only to his domestic audience but increasingly to the rest of the world, becoming perhaps the most important figure in contemporary Brazilian music today. On this release he tells his stories through a series of sambas.

“Who am I to make a samba album?” Of course I’m Brazilian, and if I like samba and if I do it respectfully, there is no problem at all. At the same time, I had to feel that it was the right time within me to be able to do this properly. Because it’s very serious and very strong, you know. Music is very strong and samba is something very special for us, for all our people, for our city, for my family. I don’t know what my life would have been without rap. I would not exist, I would not breathe, I would not know how to talk to anyone, I wouldn’t know anything. Samba is also like this. I may not be talking, but I can share what I feel.”

“I sometimes think samba comes to you from your friend, who introduced you to a song. You do not remember the name of the song and you do not know who the singer was, but remember your friend who introduced you to the samba. So he’s the samba too ...”