Evil Blizzard

Fast Forward Rewind'

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Limited to 500 Copies with Download. An Evil Blizzard is blowing in again this winter: 10" single Fast Forward Rewind / Knock Knock Knock, the Preston band's first new material for two years, is out on their own Crackedankles Records label. Produced by Embrace's Richard McNamara, the drum-and-(four) bass(es) masked quintet bring their trademark wall of noise and eery chanted vocals to bear on an ode to the joys of ye olde cassette tape. Catchier than Japanese flu but mildly less unpleasant, heavy on the bass of course but dusted liberally with keyboards and other effects, it's already become a favourite at the band's live shows. Since the release of their debut album The Dangers of Evil Blizzard in 2014, the band have gained a large and loyal fanbase. The following year brought the Everybody Come To Church album to convert more to the cause. Championed by the late, great Mark E. Smith (“Bands like Evil Blizzard, they give me hope that music is alive and kicking”) who invited them on tour with the Fall, they have have also played by request with the likes of Killing Joke, Ruts DC and PiL.

Featured in: New This Week – 16 February, 2018