Galaxy Fingers

Let Elijah In

  • ER352
  • Numbered Limited Edition of 300 copies.
  • £8.99

Alex and Clara met during a study program in Japan. When they got back home, they ended up on opposite coasts of the United States (one in Connecticut and the other in California), but they decided to start writing songs long-distance. This is the origin of Galaxy Fingers, a group influenced by doowop, shoegaze, post-punk, folk music, and slowcore. They were captivated in equal parts by The Cocteau Twins, Pretend, Laura Marling and The Magnetic Fields. Clara recorded the vocals from the east coast, and the rest was recorded on the west coast. And behind the control panel was Brad Lee of The Album Leaf. The result is their first EP, Let In Elijah. I Need Therapy, with its vocal plays, places us close to Slowdive and Mojave 3. Clap For Them slows the tempo down, diving head first into precious, delicate folk. On Hugs When You're Anxious slowcore makes its presence known. Every detail counts. Every gesture. Every sound.

7" - Numbered Limited Edition of 300 copies.