Gently Tender

Some Hard Advice

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Gently Tender release their second single Some Hard Advice on Zoetrope Records. Some Hard Advice follows their July debut single 2 Chords Good and its B-side Avez Vous Deja, which reintroduced the heartfelt, searing songwriting of former Palma Violets members Sam Fryer, Pete Mayhew and Will Doyle aided now by friends and new collaborators The Big Moon’s Celia Archer on keyboards and guitarist Adam Brown.

Taking their name from a song by The Incredible String Band, Gently Tender draw on the sounds of old Soul and Folk records, with a tinge of 60s and 70s psychedelic pop. The band has become an exercise in self-discovery for the three originals - Sam, Pete and Will - who, having witnessed the breakup of Palma Violets, wanted to show themselves what they could achieve by making more ambitious music, in a relaxed environment. Indeed, a perfect balance has been struck between the music and vocals, with Sam’s voice in particular taking on a more ethereal tone, forming a blossoming relationship with their newly found anthemic, spacious sound.

While 2 Chords Good is based on a real life conversation which happened in a West London pub in 2016, between Sam and a friend, Juliette, Some Hard Advice takes its inspiration from something altogether more mystifying. Brimming with bold basslines, flourishing keyboards and stunningly entwined vocals; the triumphant music belies much heavier lyrical undertones, as Sam explains, “I was reading the news last year and a story caught my attention of how the island of Hawaii went into crisis and panic when everyone received an accidental text message to say that a missile was heading in their direction and they should take cover. The song is about that moment of realisation - the prospect of dying without your loved ones.”

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