Get Well Soon

The Horror

Slimline Jewel Case

Konstantin Gropper, aka Get Well Soon releases his new album, The Horror. The album marks the fifth full length release from Get Well Soon and a new addition to a canon that has seen Get Well Soon record numerous Top 40 placings across mainland Europe alongside soundtrack work for the likes of Wim Wenders, scoring numerous TV and theatre productions and producing a wealth of artists ranging from platinum selling rappers to chamber pop ensembles. As befits such a polymath, The Horror is an expansive and intelligent album, musically complex and lyrically adept. Musically inspired by Nelson Riddle, Sinatra’s arranger and orchestrator, The Horror takes its lyrical focus from fear in all its forms, ‘as a motivator, as an obstacle, as a consultant and as a political weapon’ according to Konstantin and is thus, both concerned with the current moment but, also, it’s historical echoes. As Konstantin notes, ‘doing an escapist album just wasn’t an option, it’s just not the time for that’. Yet The Horror is not a sad album. It is defiant and humorous and musically lush and uplifting, a response to the state of things as opposed to a facsimile. Its scope encompasses ancient Arabic poems (Future Ruins Part 2), Hermann Goering’s hunting Chateau (Nightmare Number 2 (Dinner at Carinhall)) and US president Franklin Roosevelt (The Only Thing We Have To Fear) in its lyrical journey through time and space to reflect the realities of our time.