Hate Songs

  • lm048ep
  • £10.99

LuckyMe Records present acclaimed young producer Suicideyear. Six fresh tracks recorded in his new home of New Orleans that showcase his continued development at the forefront of futurist hip hop production. Each track glistens and evolves in its own way from the warmth of Summer Hate through to the more club oriented Mosh Mosh and Spent Days Watching Horses Die, everything remains within his unique outsider viewpoint on the city - in his own words, “Meant for listening to on the i-55 to New Orleans from Hammond.” Suicideyear AKA James Prudhomme hails from the home of No Limit records - Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His music is very much a product of his environment - the menacing sound of tuned 808 drums coupled with angst-ridden emotive synth work, inspired by listening to shoegaze and punk bands throughout his formative teenage years. First coming to attention via his split single with Kaytranada on Bromance in 2013, it led him to releasing the highly praised Remembrance EP on Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software label alongside a vinyl reissue of his 2013 beat tape Japan. LuckyMe first met him whilst on tour with S-Type in the South, leading to numerous collaborations including a stellar reworking of Jacques Greene’s After Life After Party and joining the crew’s SXSW showcases and numerous other live events. LP includes digital download card.