Hercules & Love Affair

Hercules and Love Affair

Genre America & Canada Cat no. dfaemi2188cd


hercules and love affair is andrew butler with antony, nomi, and kim ann. butler emerged from making music for college-based dance projects into a fully-fledged recording artist, via the new york art scene. he hooked up with his friends from there and got them to collaborate and sing his songs and hercules and love affair is the result. antony rose to prominence when he won 2005's nationwide mercury music prize and this is a major step into a new area... a disco-influenced mix of glamour and melancholy, happiness and clubbing that has sprung out of the mutual worlds of andrew and antony, kim ann and nomi. hercules and love affair is 2008's most exciting dancefloor concoction, an arthouse vision of pure pop by way of futuristic electronica, 4ad records and classic 70's new york disco, where beautiful, bruising harmonies and tensile rhythms collide in resurgent soundscapes and emotive disco workouts. the album is co-produced by andrew butler with tim goldsworthy of dfa.